Are You Looking For A Structured + Proven System To Help You Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Biz?

One That Includes...

  • Real Structure

    Organized in modules with bite sized lessons by topic for ease of learning + implementing.

  • Proven Systems

    Learn my rinse + repeat systems for setting up your business, getting clients, services, rates + more.

  • Zero Fluff or Hype

    Detailed + comprehensive program that teaches what you need to succeed without all the usual fluff.

  • Ongoing Support

    You have direct access to me to help you get out of your own way + a community of supportive new + experienced VAs.

The Getting Started Training System Is All You'll Need To Launch Your Long-Term Successful VA Business

You'll Learn...

  • The Must-Have Business Systems + How To Set Them Up

  • Branding And Marketing Basics + How To Apply Them

  • How To Find The Right Clients For You Using A Proven System

  • How To Package Your Unique Expertise + Define Your Base-Rate

  • How To Automate Interviewing Prospects + Close The Deal

  • Plus You'll Be Part Of A Supportive Community And So Much More...

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • Losing Your Motivation + Confidence

    You find yourself asking, “who really needs what I have to offer?”

  • Spent Your Hard Earned Money On Fluff Or Hype

    You purchased a course and you're left with nothing to show for it.

  • Hustling With Little Or No Results

    You've tried the Do It Yourself method but it's taken you nowhere.

  • Frustrated By Conflicting Information & Experts

    You want something that will work NOW + not a get rich quick scheme.

  • Sick Of Working At A Job That Doesn’t Fulfill You

    You're dreaming about putting in your two weeks notice.

  • Unsure How To Get Or Find The Right Clients

    You feel like you've tried everything but haven't had any luck.

If you answered "yes" to any of these - you're not alone! Many struggle when starting out.


The Getting Started Training System

A Membership Community That Focuses On On-going Support + Training
For Aspiring And New Virtual Assistants Who Want To Be More Than Admins.

Look At What You Get When You Join

  • In-Depth Video Training

    Over 60+ bite sized videos that will show you how to plan and launch your business using a step-by-step proven roadmap.

  • Live Community Calls

    Monthly live calls where I am available to support you and help you stay motivated and moving ahead.

  • Community Centered

    The main idea is to build a community of like-minded people who can support each other on their VA journey so they don't feel alone. 

  • Useful Documents

    Included in your membership is a Getting Started Guide, plus dozens of templates, checklists, homework assignments + more.

  • Co-Working Zoom Rooms

    Zoom rooms available to anyone that wants to meet with other members at anytime to help stay focused and move forward. 

  • Hot Seat Coaching

    1:1 coaching sprints for members who need help on something that's keeping them stuck or need a customized strategy and plan.

Plus So Much More! This membership program is packed with goodies. If you want to read even more details just scroll to the FAQ section further below.

The In-Depth How-To Training Includes

VA Biz Building System *

Learn how to set up your VA business systems, master marketing and find your dream clients.

  • Module 1: Mindset + Strategy

    • VA Industry Overview
    • Your Why + Managing Fears
    • VA Business Strategy + Plan
  • Module 2: Branding 101

    • Branding 101
    • Your Brand
    • Finding Your Voice
    • Branding Elements
  • Module 3: Business Set-Up

    • Review Your Skills
    • Invoices, Retainers + Packages
    • Set Your Rates
    • Business Setup
    • Home Office Setup
    • Your Schedule
  • Module 4: Key Business Systems

    • Overview Key Business Systems
    • Ops Systems - Biz Management
    • Ops Systems - Day In The Life
    • Ops Systems - Email Management
  • Module 5: Getting Clients

    • Your Target Market
    • Your Niche
    • Your Ideal Client
    • Finding Clients
    • Sub-Contracting
    • Social Media
  • Module 6: Launching Your Biz

    • Best Practices
    • What's Next

* formerly the Launch Pad System

Creating Service Packages System

Learn how to package your expertise instead of your time, so you can sell service packages.

  • Module 1: Strategy Phase

    • Package Phases
    • Overview Of Packages
    • Your Package Strategy
  • Module 2: Planning Phase

    • Your Skills + Expertise
    • Rates Vs Expertise
    • My Package Planning System
  • Module 3: Packaging Phase

    • Package Design + Creation
    • Creating The Offer
    • A La Carte Menu
    • Costs + Schedule Estimates
    • Pricing + Strategies
    • Your Package Creation System
  • Module 4: Promotion Phase

    • Making Your Package Visible
    • Promoting Your Packages
    • Package Promotion System
  • Module 5: Sales + Delivery Phase

    • Package Sales System
    • Package Deliver System

Discovery Session System

Learn how to automate interviewing potential clients and closing the deal during the call.

  • Module 1: Discovery Session 101

    • What Discovery Sessions Are
    • Why You Need Them
    • Calls To Action
    • Terminology
  • Module 2: Systems + Processes

    • The Process + System
    • Creation System
    • Signup Sequence
    • The Session
    • The Follow-Up Process
  • Module 3: Creation System

    • Creation System
    • Online Scheduling
    • Online Forms + Scheduling Tools
    • Testing + Tweaking
  • Module 4: Discovery Session

    • Preparing For The Call
    • Conducting The Call
    • Closing The Call
    • Best Practices
  • Module 5: Follow-Up System

    • How + When To Follow-Up
    • The Tools
    • Closing The Deal
    • Next Steps

    Getting Clients On LinkedIn System

    Learn how using LinkedIn correctly will help you find the right clients for your VA business.

    • Module 1: Create A Profile That Sells

      • Course Overview
      • LinkedIn 101
      • Your Profile Header
      • Profile Sections
      • Additional Features
    • Module 2: Connect With Your Audience

      • Who Are They
      • Where Are They
      • How To Find Them
      • Start Connecting
      • What Challenges Do They Have
      • How You Can Solve Their Problems
    • Module 3: Market Your Expertise

      • Connecting 101
      • The Like, Know + Trust Factor
      • Sharing Your Expertise
      • What To Share
      • When To Share
      • How To Share
      • Content Creation
      • Content Calendar
      • Content Samples

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What are non-admin services?

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      What if I have more questions?

      A Little About Me

      I’m Susan Mershon and I started The Techie Mentor™ in 2013 to teach Virtual Assistants who want more than a typical VA business my no fluff approach to the systems and skills they need to build + run a successful long term business.


      I’ve taught thousands of Virtual Assistants my unique systems + strategies that focus on offering high-end Digital Marketing + Project Management skills that increase your income + give you the freedom to work when and where you want.

      If you want to learn more about who I am, how I’m different + what I offer, please feel free to stop by my website

      Try It Out!

      Not sure it's for you? Give it a try by joining the 5-day trial for only $5.00. You'll get immediate access to all the video training, except the special bonus training and documents so you can find out if the program is for you.

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