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Make Money When You're NOT Working By Creating Simple Information Products


Using my simple system that gets results


Susan Mershon - The Techie Mentor

I’m a no fluff, straight to the point person who will tell you like it is and be honest about what it takes to be successful. 

Does This Sound Like You?

You Want To Make More $$

But you don't want to work more hours or raise your rates. You'd prefer to make $$ when you're NOT working.

You Are Ready To...

Do the work - you're just not sure what to create, how to create it or how to market + sell it.

You Need Direction + Support

You want to be part of a community that includes ongoing support and direction plus a clear path to success.

You Want To Create Products That Sell

You're looking for insights, inspiration and ideas on how to create info products that sell.​

If you can identify with any or all these points, please read on.


NOW Is The Time To Add Passive Income To Your Biz

What Are Your Objections?

I'm guessing that you may have more than one of these doubts running through your mind at the moment. Let me save you some time + give you straight answers.

  • I Don't Have The Right Knowledge OR Any Knowledge To Sell

    Everyone has knowledge that they can share and that knowledge can be packaged + sold to people who need it to solve a specific problem. Your knowledge can be business or hobby based - it doesn't matter.

  • It's Going To Be Hard To Sell

    Not if you create the right product for your knowledge and market it to the people who WANT it. It can easily sell itself!

  • There Are Already People Selling It

    That's great news! It means there is a market for it and it will SELL. 

  • It Has To Be Complex To Sell

    Not true, in fact you want to create simple products because they sell the best.

  • I Can't Make Money Selling Low Priced Products

    Not true, one of my best selling products is what I consider a low-priced product and it does over $10k a year in sales.

  • I'm Not Sure How To Pull It All Together

    That's what this program is for. To help you create the right product for your knowledge, package it up and then market + sell it. It pulls it all together for you in a nice rinse + repeat system that you can use over and over again to add more passive income to your business.

  • I Can Learn Everything I Need To Know From YouTube For FREE!

    Sure, but how do you know it works? And, how do you know what you are learning is legitimate? And where do you go if you have a question or need support? You can find just about anything online for free, but there is still a cost involved. It may not be $$ but it’s your time trying to piece the information together into a system or plan that you can actually implement.


Your Business, Your Choice!

Why Learn From Me!

The short version is what I teach gets results, however let me give you a more detailed version why I am a true expert in my field.

  • I've Built Two 6-Figure Successful VA Businesses Myself...From Scratch

    I started my first VA business while working full time with an infant at home. And to be honest I had NO clue what I was doing. I don't have a college degree or any special business education but I hated my JOB so much that I channeled my anger into helping me figure out how to start + launch a 6-figure VA business. And I did! I took what I learned from that experience and used it to launched the Techie Mentor. So... I know how to build a successful, profitable + sustainable business, I've done it twice. What I teach is based on experience using proven systems that get results. 

  • I Know How To Teach - I Make The Complex Subjects Easy To Understand

    I began teaching software way back in the 90's before the Internet and when Microsoft was just getting it's start. I taught DOS, Windows, Access, WordPerfect, Microsoft Office and even Lotus 123 to professionals who needed to learn the software that ran the computer they just got at work. I know how to take complex subjects and make them simple to understand, use + implement. Bottom line is I know how to teach.

  • I've Been Supporting the VA Industry for Over 10 Years

    I'm not new kid on the block, I've been supporting the industry I'm passionate about for the past 12 years. I know what works and what doesn't based on years of experience

  • I've Sold Over $50,000 In Simple Info Products This Year Alone!

    I know how to create, package, market + sell simple digital information products that sell.

  • I Show You The Same Systems + Processes I Use Successfully Right Now

    The systems + processes that are taught in this course are the very same ones I use to successfully sell simple info products. 

  • You're Learning A Rinse + Repeat System

    You can take the system you're learning in this program and create multiple information products. What does that mean to you? Multiple passive income streams making you more money while you're NOT working.

Check Out A Few Testimonial Snippets From My Students: 

  • Susan is very experienced and doesn't withhold the wisdom she has. 

  • "Your Business, Your Choice" - It freed me to create a business I absolutely love.

  • The support Susan gives is amazing! She is there to support you and help you succeed. 

  • She has a way of explaining things that just make sense.

  • Susan is exactly what she says, no fluff, just the stuff you need to know.

  • Don't waste your time with all the fluff and hype you see elsewhere.


Just The Stuff That
Gets Results!


The Product Creation System

Learn My Rinse + Repeat System For Passive Income 

The Techie Mentor

A Comprehensive Training Program That Teaches Real Strategies + Systems For Creating Passive Income By Selling Simple Digital Information Products.

This Program Includes All Of
This + More!

Self-Paced Video Training

Downloadable Audio Files

Action-Oriented Homework

24x7 Training Access

Private Facebook Community

Workflows + Diagrams

Real World Examples + Ideas

Reviews, Audits + Feedback

Checklists,  Templates + More

On-Going Email Support

Direct Access

To Me

Let Me Give You An In-Depth Tour Of Everything That's Included:

Module 1: Info Products Overview

In this module I do an overview of Digital Information Products.

  • Info Products Overview - learn the ins + outs of creating information products.

  • Tools of the Trade - discover the must have tools you'll need for creating, marketing + delivering your product.

  • Passive Income 101 - we look at the different types of products that create passive income.

  • Digital Marketing 101 - I introduce Digital Marketing, what it is, why you need it + the most important pieces to start with.

  • Common Terms - learn what common terms mean and how they're used.

Module 2: Plan Your Product

We're going to work together to create a solid strategy + plan to create the right product for you.

  • Your Product Topic: here's where you pick the topic for your product.

  • What It Solves: it's important to be clear on the problem your product solves.

  • Who Needs It + Why: identify who needs it and why they want it.

  • Using PLR: we talk about the benefits + issues with using PLR products.

  • Product Research: do your research, if the product is selling you know you have a winner!

  • Focus on Creating a MVP: why creating a simple MVP is the way to go when starting out.

  • Type of Product: picking the type of product you're creating is just as important as the topic.

  • Product Name: come up with a name for your product that gets attention and matches your brand.

  • The Tools: we will cover the must have tools that you need to create, market, sell + deliver your product.

  • Common Challenges: learn the common challenges people have around information products and how to push through them.

Module 3: Create Your Product

Here is where take action and create your information product.

  • Branding 101: we're going to review your branding and how we tie your new product into it.

  • Create A Prototype: we start by creating a simple draft or prototype of your product first.

  • Make It Your Own: it's important that your product includes your ideas, solutions, etc.

  • The Tools: learn the must have tools for creating your specific type of product.

  • Final Touches: create your final product based on your prototype and add your finishing touches.

  • Common Challenges: identify the most common challenges in creating information products.

Module 4: Marketing + Selling Your Product

In this module we focus on proven marketing strategies and selling techniques that work to sell your product.

  • Marketing 101: we'll review marketing basics to be sure you've got them covered.

  • Digital Marketing Tips: learn how we're using Digital Marketing to market + sell your product.

  • Sales Funnels: here's where we create the sales funnel for your new product.

  • Getting Traffic: we're talking about the different ways you can get traffic to your product.

  • Email Marketing: here's where we create our product sales sequence to sell our product 24x7.

  • Creating Content: creating great FREE content is the best way to market your product - we will deep dive this here.

  • Social Media Marketing: we will touch on the importance of social media when marketing your product.

  • The Tools: we will review the tools you need to implement the digital marketing strategies we're focusing on.

  • Common Challenges: learn the common challenges to watch out for when it comes to marketing + selling your product.

Module 5: Delivering Your Product

Here is where we walk through delivering your product to your customers easily + efficiently.

  • The Tools: we cover the simple tools you can use to easily deliver your product automatically.

  • Automation: this is crucial to creating passive income. You want the technology to do the work for you!

  • Testimonials: asking for feedback and testimonials on how your product helped your customers.

  • Customer Service: great customer service keeps customers coming back for more.

  • Common Challenges: understanding the common challenges when it comes to delivering your product + how to overcome them.

Module 6: Wrap Up + Next Steps

Here is where we wrap up the program and talk about next steps for creating more products + passive income.

  • Program Wrap Up: here's where we wrap up the program and start talking about what's next.

  • Next Steps: learn what comes after creating your first information product.

  • Tracking: it's important you track how well your information product is selling + what numbers to watch.

  • Tweak + Update: updating your product based on feedback from customers.

  • Creating More Products: when to start planning to add more products to your business.

"But the very best part of training with Susan is her personality. She trains from her heart. She doesn’t talk AT you, she speaks to you and encourages questions. She is always available and accessible. She’s very generous with her training and will always answer any questions, no matter how “silly” they may seem or how “technical” the issue. She’s knowledgeable in just about everything it seems!"

~ Donna S.

PLUS, Over $1400+ In Extra Bonuses To Help
You Be Successful. 

Mini Tech Trainings on Must Have Tools

(value $499)

Sales Funnel Planner + Swipe Files

(value $299)

This simple-to-use planner will help you create a simple funnel to market + sell your product.

Getting Traffic Guide + Swipe Files

(value $199)

Get my easy-to-use guide + swipe files on simple ways to drive traffic to your sales funnel. Traffic is essential for sales!

Sales Sequence Template + Swipe Files
(value $199)

These done for you email templates will help you create your sales sequences for selling your product on auto-pilot.

Sales Page Template + Swipe Files

(value $299)

This done for you template will help you create a sales page to showcase + sell your product.


Templates, Guides + Checklists

Over 20 done for you templates, guides + checklists. Basically every single document you'll need to plan, create, market + sell your own information products. Including some you didn't know you needed!

Easy Payment Plan

6 Self-Guided Modules

15+ Swipe Files + Worksheets

$1400+ in Extra Bonuses

Action Items + Homework

Includes Real-World Examples

On-going Support + Community

Direct Access To Me

One Time Investment

Pay once and save $100+

6 Self-Guided Modules

15+ Swipe Files + Worksheets

$1400+ in Extra Bonuses

Action Items + Homework

Includes Real-World Examples

On-going Support + Community

Direct Access To Me

Why Investing In My Program Is The Right Choice For You!

This program is created for people who want to add passive income to their business and are ready to do the work to make it happen.

  • I Teach You My Own Proven Method For Creating + Selling Info Products

    The systems + subjects I teach in this course work. They are the same exact systems I have used over the past 12 years to build two successful 6-figure businesses. If you do the work, you'll get results.

  • It's The Only Program You Need To Create, Market + Sell Your Info Product

    This ONE program has everything you need to plan, create + sell your information product. It's that robust + comprehensive.

  • You Get Your Money Back If It's Not For You

    I offer a 7-day money back no questions asked guarantee. If you decide this program is NOT for you simply reach out and let me know.

  • It Will Set You Up To Create The Life You Want + Not Only Dream About It

    If you do the work, take action and implement what you're learning you'll be one step closer to adding passive income to your business!

  • It's a Robust Program Full of Real Useable Information

    This program includes ZERO full, filler or hype. It's made up of real usable information designed to help you take action and get moving.

  • It Will Help You Scale Your Business 

    The systems taught in this program will help you scale your current business by adding passive income. Gain your freedom and make money at the same time!

  • Use This System To Add Multiple Passive Income Streams

    Use the system taught in this program to create multiple passive income streams. What does that mean for you? It gives you the ability to scale your business, make more money and enjoy the life you crave. All without working more!

How long before I see results?

Is this system location dependent?

What if I'm not a techie?

Do you offer a refund guarantee?

Will this program help me get clients?

What if I have more questions?

Is the training available immediately?

What kind of support is there?