Using My Robust + Proven System That Gets Real Results

Susan Mershon - The Techie Mentor

I’m a no fluff, straight to the point person who will tell you like it is and be honest about what it takes to be successful. 

  • I truly believe that Susan's course is the best one for new business owners (VAs).

  • This program is geared towards creating "be-your-own-boss" minded people.

  • "Your Business, Your Choice" - It freed me to create a business I absolutely love.

  • I know that my business will continue to grow as a direct result of working with Susan.

  • I recommend this program to anyone looking for a no-nonsense program.

  • No general search-your-heart-advice, but step-by-step activities that I could use.

Does This Sound Like You?

You Want To Start...

But you are overwhelmed by all the information you've researched and are confused about what to do now. 

You Are Ready To...

Do the work - you're just not sure how to get started, what to do next, what to offer or how to get clients.

You're Fed Up With...

All the fluff + filler found in typical VA training courses and are tired of being left wanting more.

You Love Systems, Processes + Checklists

You crave organization + structure and are looking for a program that includes the same.

You Want To Attract Clients + Make More $$

You want to attract the right dream clients for your business so you can make more money.

What Are Your Objections?

  • I'm Not Ready Yet! I Still Have To Do This + That...

    Let me ask you do you want to be where you are today six months from now? If you're not ready now, when will you be? If it's important, you'll find the time otherwise you'll make excuses. Your success is up to you! What's stopping you?

  • I'm Already a Virtual Assistant

    This course is designed for ALL Virtual Assistants whether new or experienced who are not getting the results they want or need. If you're not getting results it might be time for a change!

  • I Don't Have Enough Time!

    There is always something that needs to get done - that's life. We're all busy. It really comes down to looking at how you're spending your time and asking yourself if you're just busy or are you productive? This program is broken into bite-sized pieces so you can learn something new in as little as 15 minutes. Plus it's all self-study - no deadlines.

  • I Can't Afford It!

    This course is for those who are ready to take the plunge; for those who are ready to invest in themselves and their future; for those who have tried other methods and found them lacking. This is the only course you need to finally succeed in the VA industry

  • This Program Is The Same As All The Others

    I have my own unique + fresh perspective on the VA industry and this is what I teach. You won't be getting the same regurgitated stuff everyone else is teaching. What I teach actually gets results and includes ZERO fluff, filler or hype. Don't waste time on courses that leave you saying, "ok, so what's next?" Get everything you need to know in one place along with the business skills, documents + mindset to help you reach your goals! PLUS you have access to me to help guide you along the way.

  • I Can Learn Everything I Need To Know From YouTube For FREE!

    Sure, but how do you know it works? And, how do you know what you are learning is legitimate? And where do you go if you have a question or need support? You can find just about anything online for free, but there is still a cost involved. It may not be $$ but it’s your time trying to piece the information together into a system or plan that you can actually implement.

Why Learn From Me!

  • I've Built Two Successful 6-Figure VA Businesses Myself...From Scratch

    I started my first VA business while working full time with an infant at home. And to be honest I had NO clue what I was doing. I don't have a college degree or any special business education but I hated my JOB so much that I channeled my anger into helping me figure out how to start + launch a 6-figure VA business. And I did! I took what I learned from that experience and used it to launched the Techie Mentor. So... I know how to build a successful, profitable + sustainable business, I've done it twice. What I teach is based on experience using proven systems that get results. 

  • I'm A Certified PMP + Worked As A Project Manager For Over 20 Years

    I used my years of project management + systems experience to create all of my training programs including this one. I'm a systems junkie and I wanted a program that was a complete end to end system for creating, launching + growing a successful Virtual Assistant business. So.. if you're someone who likes systems, processes + workflows you'll love my training.

  • I Know How To Teach - I Make Complex Subjects Easy To Understand

    I began teaching software way back in the 90's before the Internet and when Microsoft was just getting its start. I taught DOS, Windows, Access, WordPerfect, Microsoft Office and even Lotus 123 to professionals who needed to learn the software that ran the computer they just got at work. I know how to take complex subjects and make them simple to understand, use + implement. Bottom line is I know how to teach.

  • I've Been Supporting The VA Industry For Over 10 Years

    I'm not new kid on the block, I've been supporting the industry I'm passionate about for the past 12 years. I know what works and what doesn't based on years of experience.

  • I've Helped Thousands Of Newbies Build Their Online Business

    I've taught thousands of people just like you how to start, launch and grow their own VA business. Many like me, with no business experience or college education. What I teach gets real actual results. Don't take my word for it take a moment and read the testimonials on this page from students who got results from my training.

  • I Show You The Same Systems + Processes I Used Successfully

    The systems + processes that are taught in this course are the very same ones I used successfully in my own VA business. In fact, I still use the same key systems in my business now. These systems are the foundation of all online businesses - NOT just VA ones. These systems help you automate your business so you can enjoy life!


The VA Success System

It's a Virtual Assistant Business in a BOX!

The Techie Mentor

Let Me Give You An In-Depth Tour Of Everything That's Included:

Module 1: VA Industry Overview

In this module we focus on what the VA Industry is and is not.

  • VA Industry Overview - learn the ins + outs of the industry and why it's not cookie cutter.

  • Tools of the Trade - discover the must have tools when starting out, which free ones are best and when to upgrade.

  • Online Business 101 - we look at the difference between offline + online businesses and their overall structures.

  • Digital Marketing 101 - I introduce Digital Marketing, what it is, why you need it + the most important pieces to start with.

  • OBM, VA + PM - learn what these roles are all about + their differences. 

  • Common Terms - learn what common terms mean and how they're used.

"Susan’s course is wonderful. It is full of useful information. She covers all of the basics and much more…and it comes with lots of great forms and examples. Everything that Susan covers is extremely helpful, for beginners to the more advanced. I can’t stress how helpful all the information has been, how clearly Susan presents it, and how wonderful it is to have found someone so trustworthy and knowledgeable as Susan!"

~ Pamela L.

Module 2: Your Mindset

Learn how to leave your employee mindset behind and embrace the mindset of a successful business owner.

  • Your Why: is what keeps you focused + motivated when things don't go as planned, learn how to find yours.

  • Fears + Beliefs: we all have fears + self-limiting beliefs but we have to learn how to manage them to be successful.

  • Self Sabotage: identify your self sabotaging behaviors so you can stop sabotaging your own success.

  • Gaining Confidence: learn my valuable tricks on gaining confidence so you can take action on your dreams.

  • Trusting Yourself: learn to trust yourself and embrace your VA journey.

  • Employee to Entrepreneur: learn the sneaky employee habits that add to your fears and keep you stuck.

  • Structure to No Structure: you have to create the structure of your business - it doesn't exist when you're starting out.

"This is the ideal program for anyone looking to begin their journey of becoming a Virtual Assistant. Susan’s methods of training are informative, interesting, fun and practical which makes you excited to get stuck into each and every module. I’ve been running my VA business for a number of years now and with the support I’ve received from Susan, I have gained the confidence to stand proud as an established member of the VA community."

~ Michelle G.

Module 3: Your VA Strategy + Plan

Here is where we create your unique VA strategy + plan for the business you want to build.

  • VA Strategy + Plan: develop a solid strategy + plan to launch your unique + sustainable VA business.

  • Goal Setting: it's important to set the goals that are important to you for motivation and taking action.

  • Setting Your Rates: learn how to calculate your baseline rate + the rates you want to charge.

  • Determining Your Services: embrace your own unique experience + expertise to help you determine what services to offer.

  • Retainers vs Packages: understand the differences between retainers + packages and which one is right for you.

  • Focus + Productivity: learn proven tips + tricks to help you improve your productivity and focus on what makes you $$.

  • Building While Employed: Many people including myself started my business while working + I'll share what works.

  • Common Challenges: identify the most common challenges in creating a successful business and how to deal with them.

"I wanted to let you know that I learned so much from our coaching sessions. While it is taking me a while to implement everything, I am so excited about the direction my business is headed. I have more traffic going to my site, my list is growing, and I’m building my network through LinkedIn by leaps and bounds. I have scheduled calls with potential clients as a result of being more engaged on LinkedIn. I can’t thank you enough for your teachings, suggestions and support. In a nutshell, you ROCK!"

~ Michelle A.

Module 4: Branding 101

Here's where we create your unique personal brand + all your brand elements.

  • Branding 101: learn all about branding and how it can help you stand out.

  • Personal Brands: you're a personal brand so learn how to embrace it and use it to your advantage.

  • Branding Elements: discover what elements make up your brand and then decide what works for you.

  • Terminology: learn common branding terms, what they mean and why they're important.

  • Your USP: each of us are unique in what we offer our clients - learn your Unique Selling Proposition.

  • Your Voice + Strategy: embrace your voice in your branding to build the know, like + trust factor.

  • Your Story: tell your unique story as part of your branding and attract your dream clients.

"This program is awesome! If you’re spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to get a VA business started, then this program is for you! Susan takes you through step-by-step. I would have been lost without it. Thanks Susan!"

~ Amber A.

Module 5: VA Business Set Up

Here is where we start to build the foundation for your VA business.

  • Business Type: determine what business type (LLC, etc) is best for your business.

  • Taxes + Salary: paying taxes and paying yourself are part of being a business owner - learn the ins + outs.

  • Legal + Insurance: understanding the legal + insurance aspects of running a business is crucial.

  • Business Accounts: determine the type of business accounts you need.

  • Start Up Costs: everything costs something and I share minimum start up costs + bootstrapping too!

  • Home Office Setup: your home office is where you make your living - make it your own.

  • Equipment + Tools: these are the nuts and bolts of what make our business possible + I share the must have ones.

  • Boundaries: it's important to set appropriate boundaries with clients, family + even your business.

"In this inspiring and motivating course, Susan takes your hand and guides you through the jungle of all the overwhelming information you may find on the internet when you are at the beginning of your journey. It has tons of great materials, insights, and useful tips and tricks and I really feel well prepared for my new adventure. Even though Susan’s mantra in this course is “It’s action, not perfection” I think the course is perfect! It is very structured, the information comes in perfect doses, and all the exercises are a great way to get your own business off the ground. Best decision ever to buy this course!"

~ Jana B.

Module 6: Your Key Business Systems

Here we build out the 4 key business systems + technology that are the foundation of a sustainable + profitable biz.

  • Key Business Systems: learn the 4 key systems you need to run + automate your business - they're a must!

  • Marketing 101: learn the basics of marketing and how it's not the same as sales.

  • Determine Your Niche: niching down is the best way to get noticed and attract your dream clients.

  • Dream Client Traits: focus on the traits you love working with and turn away the ones you don't.

  • Define Your Hot Topics: pick topics of expertise you want to be known for when it comes to your expertise.

  • Your Marketing Message: this is your elevator speech, the one that tells people who you help + how.

  • Task Management: this is crucial to your success when you're juggling multiple clients, tasks + deadlines.

  • Day to Day Operations: automate your day to day business operations so you can focus on what you love.

  • Interviewing Prospects: learn how to easily interview prospects and how to close them.

  • Onboarding New Clients: this is where you can shine + stand out from others by automating your new client process.

  • Client Kick Off Call: this call kicks off the relationship and sets the foundation for working together - make it great.

  • Your Workload + Schedule: learn how to embrace task management to help you manage your workload + schedule.

  • Customer Service: great customer service keeps clients coming back for more.

  • Getting Paid: identify how you want to get paid for your services and the tools you'll use.

  • Status Calls: these calls keep you in your client's lives + business so you can stay on top of their needs.

  • Working with Clients: this is how you earn a living, learn what to focus on to help you deliver quality.

"Susan’s course has been by far the best investment that I have made since starting my VA Business. Susan lays out very organized and detailed roadmap on how to launch your VA business. Her course is full of practical advice, action steps to take, wisdom from a seasoned professional, and consistent encouragementI appreciate her straight forwardness and transparency about the mistakes she made and things she has learned in her business journey. I love Susan’s approach of getting your systems and plan in place first, before going after clients. With Susan’s “systems first” approach, I can go after clients confidently, instead of the “figure it out as you go” message that I see so often on VA websites and Facebook pages. I can’t recommend it highly enough, and I look forward to taking more of The Techie Mentor’s Courses."

~ Erin E.

Module 7: Packages + Offers

Here is where we package your expertise and create enticing offers that attract your dream clients.

  • Create Service Packages: learn my unique + proven method for packaging your services and get paid for your expertise.

  • A la Carte Menu: this is a key piece of my lucrative packaging process and it's unique in helping you create custom packages.

  • Package Pricing: learn my proven method for pricing your service packages so you can earn more.

  • Create Your Offers: create a variety of enticing offers to create multiple revenue streams in your business.

  • Upsells: identify valuable services that you can upsell to clients who purchase your packages.

  • Package Delivery: identify the key steps for delivering your packages on time.

  • Moving Clients to Packages: learn my proven method for successfully moving clients from hourly to service packages.

"I have had the pleasure of taking multiple courses from Susan, The Techie Mentor. Susan has a way of explaining things that just make sense. The VA Industry is vast and there are plenty of opportunities, but without the right knowledge or guidance, it can be very discouraging and expensive. I have been a part of The Techie Mentor’s network for a year now and there isn’t a day that goes by that I can not reach out to the group members and not get an opinion or an answer – even Susan chimes in or if I have an in-depth question I can message PM or email Susan and she answers me back. I have grown to trust and value Susan’s opinion and knowledge. Thank you, Susan, because of you I now have 4 clients that I work with and new clients reach out to me all the time."

~ Gina B.

Module 8: Digital Marketing 101

Here is where we deep dive into Digital Marketing and walk through how to implement it in your business.

  • Digital Marketing 101: learn what Digital Marketing is and why you need it.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy + Plan: design your unique strategy + plan for using digital marketing in your business.

  • Sales Funnels: learn how to create a simple sales funnel to attract your dream clients on auto-pilot using a step-by-step system.

  • Websites: learn how to create a simple 1-page website using WordPress using a done for you theme.

  • Email Marketing: learn how email marketing is crucial to automating your marketing + sales.

  • Content Marketing: content is king and I'll show you how to create content that gets you noticed + gets you clients.

  • List Building: I'll walk you through list building and why it's so important to your success.

  • Lead Magnets: we will work together to create a lead magnet for your business + you'll learn my step-by-step process.

  • Email Sequences: you'll learn how to create simple email sequences that help sell your services.

  • Automations: this is how you put your marketing on auto-pilot so you can attract clients 24x7.

  • Techie Tools: we will go over all the must have tools you need for Digital Marketing + how to start with the free ones.

  • Attracting Clients: this is what Digital Marketing is all about - helping attract your dream clients while you're sleeping.

  • Mini-Tech Training: I include mini-tech trainings on all the digital marketing tools we will be implementing in this module.

"Susan’s program has supplied me with a wealth of valuable information, support, and guidance. I recommend this program to anyone looking for a no-nonsense, realistic VA training program."

~ Lisa F.

Module 9: Getting Clients

We deep dive several different ways to find + get clients. These methods are in addition to traditional marketing.

  • Subbing: learn how subcontracting for other VAs can help you build confidence + gain experience.

  • Networking: it's a great way to find clients and one that is often overlooked.

  • Volunteering: this can be a win-win for both yourself and for a non-profit looking for help.

  • Benefits Flyers: learn how my benefits flyer helps you get noticed - business cards don't work.

  • RFP's: request for proposals are a great way to find clients actively looking for help.

  • Standing Out: learn what you need to stand out and make it easy for client's to say yes to you and your services.

"It took me a week after so much research on other courses to finally decide on enrolling to the Techie Mentor’s Getting Started System. It is the best decision I made! I truly believe that Susan’s course is the best one for new business owners (VAs). Not only has it helped me build a framework for my business where I now feel very much equipped with the tools I need, but most importantly it has changed my employee mindset to an entrepreneurial one. I feel more confident going through the process of setting up my business. Susan’s tips and tricks are very valuable as she has years of experience. I love how her way of teaching as it is straightforward and very systematized. Initially learning from this perspective influences me to do the same. I also especially appreciate how Susan explains realities in doing business – totally relatable! I also took advantage of her templates bundle and her action plan workbook – these have provided me great guidance. These are super great resources! I know that implementing the key takeaways from Susan’s course will help me build the business I want. EVERYTHING, as in EVERYTHING I was looking for to get started was in this course and more! Thank you Susan!"

~ Kristina C.

Module 10: Launching Your Biz

It's time to launch your VA Business and start living the life you crave!

  • Putting It Together: let's pull together every thing you've done in this program and get ready to launch your business.

  • Announcements: tell the world about your new business and where they can find out more.

  • Implementation: you want to be sure that you've implemented all the action items so you're ready to go.

  • Launch: it's time to officially launch your business and then celebrate.

  • Celebrate: be sure to celebrate all your hard work and then shift your focus to living the life you crave.

VA Business Template Bundle

(value $99)

This done for you bundle saves you time + frustration. It includes 9 professional templates including a client agreement, business policies template + more.

Discovery Session System Training

(value $299)

Learn how to automate the process of interviewing prospects and then how to get them to sign on the dotted line to become paying clients.

Your Own WordPress Website

(value $599)

You get a 1-Page WordPress Website for your business to use as the foundation for the sales funnel we build together in this program.

1 Page WordPress Theme Template

(value $299)

You get my custom 1-page WordPress Divi Theme template to help you create your #1 business asset.

Lead Magnet Funnel with Templates

(value $199)

These done for you templates will help you create a Lead Magnet that attracts your dream clients + showcases your expertise.

Sales + Welcome Email Sequences

(value $199)

These done for you email templates will help you create your sales + welcome sequences as part of your Email Marketing system.

Task Management Training on ClickUp

(value $399)

Learn how to use ClickUp to manage your clients, tasks + deadlines.

Mini Tech Trainings on Must Have Tools

(value $499)

I'm including hands on training on WordPress, Acuity, Invoice Ninja, Aweber and a dozen more must have tools for your business.

8 Additional Bonus Lessons

(value $299)

There are 8 additional bonus lessons on topics including Firing Clients, Raising Rates, Trusted Partners, Audits, Launch Specials and more!!

Templates, Guides + Checklists

Over 100 done for you templates, guides + checklists. Basically every single document you'll need to start, launch + grow your business. Even some you didn't know you needed!


Are You Serious About Building Your Dream Business?

Easy Payment Plan

10 Self-Guided Modules

100+ Bite-Sized Video Lessons

17+ Hours of Hands On Training

55+ Professional Done-For-You Templates

50+ Swipe Files + Worksheets

8 Special BONUS Lessons

6.5 Hours of Bonus Training

$2800+ Extra Bonuses

Action Items + Homework

Lesson Transcriptions

Includes Real-World Examples

On-going Support + Community

Completion Project + Certificate

Lifetime Access To Updates 

Direct Access To Me

One Time Investment

10 Self-Guided Modules

100+ Bite-Sized Video Lessons

17+ Hours of Hands On Training

55+ Professional Done-For-You Templates

50+ Swipe Files + Worksheets

8 Special BONUS Lessons

6.5 Hours of Bonus Training

$2800+ Extra Bonuses

Action Items + Homework

Lesson Transcriptions

Includes Real-World Examples

On-going Support + Community

Completion Project + Certificate

Lifetime Access To Updates 

Direct Access To Me

Take It From People Who Know Me + My Teaching Style: My Students!

Why Investing In My Program Is The Right Choice For You!

  • It's Like College Without The Debt!

    This course teaches you how to create a profitable and sustainable business for a fraction of the cost of a college education and in about the time it takes to finish one semester. So.. it saves you both time + money!

  • The Skills I Teach You Will Earn You The Money To Leave Your Soul-Sucking Job!

    Learn what you need to leave your soul sucking job behind from someone who did just that. With the business skills you learn in this program you'll be on your way to becoming a full time business owner.

  • It's The Only Program You Need To Build, Launch + Run A Successful VA Biz

    This ONE program has everything you need to start, build, launch + run a profitable and sustainable VA business. In fact, this course could be used for ANY online business NOT just a VA one. It's that robust + comprehensive.

  • You Get Your Money Back If It's Not For You

    I offer a 7-day money back no questions asked guarantee. If you decide this program is NOT for you simply reach out and let me know.

  • It's Designed To Set You Up For Long-Term Success

    The systems + subjects I teach in this course work. They are the same exact systems I have used over the past 12 years to build two successful 6-figure businesses. If you do the work, you'll get results.

  • It Will Set You Up To Create The Life You Want + Not Only Dream About It

    If you do the work, take action and implement what you're learning you'll be one step closer to the life your dreaming of.

  • It's a Robust Program Full of Real Useable Information

    This program includes ZERO full, filler or hype. It's made up of real usable information designed to help you take action and get moving.

  • It Will Help You Scale Your Business 

    The unique systems taught in this program not only form the foundation of your business but will help you grow and scale as you + your business grow + evolve.

  • You'll Learn In-Demand Digital Marketing Skills

    You'll learn how to use + implement key digital marketing skills in your own business to help you attract more clients + make more money! 

  • It's a VA Business in a BOX 

    It includes everything you need to set up a sustainable + profitable business all in one place!

Stop Dreaming + Take Action Now

Easy Payment Plan

10 Self-Guided Modules

100+ Bite-Sized Video Lessons

17+ Hours of Hands On Training

55+ Professional Done-For-You Templates

50+ Swipe Files + Worksheets

8 Special BONUS Lessons

6.5 Hours of Bonus Training

$2800+ Extra Bonuses

Action Items + Homework

Lesson Transcriptions

Includes Real-World Examples

On-going Support + Community

Completion Project + Certificate

Lifetime Access To Updates 

Direct Access To Me

One Time Investment

10 Self-Guided Modules

100+ Bite-Sized Video Lessons

17+ Hours of Hands On Training

55+ Professional Done-For-You Templates

50+ Swipe Files + Worksheets

8 Special BONUS Lessons

6.5 Hours of Bonus Training

$2800+ Extra Bonuses

Action Items + Homework

Lesson Transcriptions

Includes Real-World Examples

On-going Support + Community

Completion Project + Certificate

Lifetime Access To Updates 

Direct Access To Me

Frequently Asked Questions

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