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Are You Looking For A Simple Proven System That Will Help You Set Up Your VA Biz?

An action plan that walks you through the basic must-haves in an easy to follow step-by-step system?

VA Action Plan - The Techie Mentor


The VA Biz Action Plan Bundle

Action Plan - The Techie Mentor

Learn Exactly What You Need To Do To Minimize Mistakes + Hit The Ground Running With Confidence!

  • Take the GUESS work out of starting your VA business.

  • Start making real PROGRESS in starting your VA business.

  • Stop wasting time on the wrong things + FOCUS on the right ones. 

  • Get unstuck and MOVE forward with ease.

  • Get a step-by-step roadmap of what to do when that REMOVES all the confusion.

Are You Ready To Finally Launch Your Virtual Assistant Business?

The Action Plan + Business Templates Will Help You Start Your Business So You Can Have The Lifestyle You Crave.

Here's How It Works

This is the EXACT system that I've taught for years to thousands of students + the Business Templates that I used in my own Virtual Assistant business.

You get a total of 22 documents including checklists, templates, how to guides and much more!! And, that doesn't include ALL the extra bonuses!

It Gets Results If You Do The Work + Take Action!

VA Action Plan

Here's What's Included

VA Action Plan - The Techie Mentor

1. The Action Plan

The Techie Mentor

2. The Business Templates

  • This checklist helps clients understand how you run your business. It summarizes the key points from your Business Policies document.  

3. BONUS - My Vision Board Guidebook + Checklist

The Techie Mentor

4. BONUS - My Productivity Planner Workbook

The Techie Mentor

What are you waiting for?

How It's Helped Others

"It was a great inexpensive tool to help someone get started if they are not sure what to do. That was the case for me and it was a wonderful resource to give me a starting place and some direction at a low cost."

~ Justine Walsh

"Susan's Action Plan helped me a lot. I highly recommend it."

~ Barklee Sawyer

"The templates are everything I needed and more! So glad I purchased. You are the best!" 


"I'm in the middle of the Action Plan now and so far I feel so much more on track and productive."

~ Ashley Higgins Gardner

"The Action Plan is awesome and takes you step-by-step so you don’t get overwhelmed and helps you stay focused. It is easy to get sidetracked by all the information available, but the Action Plan empowers you from beginning to end."

~ Mattea Padilla

"The contract + business policies were the most helpful! So many things I had not thought of in my original drafts of those documents. Thanks for all your support to us budding VA's!"

Kimberly Rabel

"The Action Plan helped me to realize that you can get to the point of information overload at some point you just need to start. As you go through your first few clients you'll change so many things until you find what fits for you. And that's the beauty of having your own business... change can happen whenever you want it to."

~ Kellie Simmons

"I just wanted to say a big thank you to Susan, I purchased the VA Action Plan and am working through the workbook. It is fantastic. I am staying focused and finally feeling in control. The steps make sense and I can see myself building a good foundation for my business."

~ Fiona Scullion

"I am very impressed by the templates. They really give me a great starting point and Im so grateful because this is one of the areas that I had no idea where to start."

Paige Ortiz

"The Action Plan Workbook has been a very useful tool for me. It was very helpful as I was navigating business start-up. If I hadn't used it, I am certain I would have overlooked some significant steps! I would certainly recommend it to others!"

~ Melinda Thornton

"The templates are easy to use and edit and I think will be a great addition to my business." 

Hayley Smith

"I actually really appreciate the workbook. I've had a setback with my personal computer and need to get new one because all I have is my work laptop now, however, the handbook is helping me to stay on task and working on other areas of building my business until i get a replacement. It  really is clearly laid out so I don't feel too overwhelmed. As a newbie, I especially appreciate the budget so I can plan for what need now and in the future. It really helps to put things into perspective."

~ Anika Reynolds

"Your contract templates and checklists are super useful! I love how you set things out step by step to make it so straight forward and simplistic. Thank you for checking in."

Kellie Gonzalez

"Hey Susan! First I want to say thanks for putting together the VA Action Plan workbook! I love lists and this has been so helpful in making sure I take a structured logical path into getting set up."

~ Laurie Klataske

"I have read, watched and listened to a lot of the wonderful free content that Susan provides for beginner and experienced VAs. As a beginner in the VA industry, it was easy for me to get overwhelmed with all that is out there and to get lost as to what to do next. When I learned that there was a package that put all of the steps to starting your VA business in one place, I knew I needed it! The Getting Started System Action Plan has been a lifesaver! This step-by-step plan keeps me on track and all of the information, including links to other documents and templates, is in one place. This action plan has been well worth it!"

~ Shar Smith

"The Templates are Amazing, very helpful."

Annabelle Morgan

"I just bought her action plan guide and seriously... it is AMAZING. I'm terrified of the amount of work it is but I've spent the last week looking at just brand colors and trying to find a hosting site that I need simple steps and direction and a PLAN. This is everything you need to start a business for less than one course on one section other people are offering. I'm blown away by what she made. I'd honestly have paid like $200 for this information. It's seriously such a deal and I am SO thankful for it. I'm working through it now because I can't help it and I'm so glad I invested in this before anything else. I'm trying to be wise with the money I'm spending on starting and I think this is the best thing I could've bought!"

~ Danielle Sprunger

VA Action Plan

  • VA Action Plan Workbook

  • BONUS Vision Plan Guidebook + Checklist

    The Vision Board Guidebook bonus is a great compliment to the Action Plan... it walks you through creating a visual reminder of the goals you'll be setting for yourself as part of the Action Plan.

  • VA Biz Template Bundle

  • BONUS Productivity Planner Workbook

    The Productivity Planner Workbook also compliments the Action Plan as it walks you through how to identify your Productivity Type + Peak Work hours so you can be more efficient with your time.

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VA Action Plan
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