Don't re-create the wheel!

Don't spend unnecessary time + energy creating your own business forms + templates when you can purchase professionally designed templates and hit the ground running.

  • This checklist helps clients understand how you run your business. It summarizes the key points from your Business Policies document.

  • This template is where you spell out your business policies, things like your work hours, what you charge, how you invoice, etc. I've included sample text to help you complete the document.

  • A sample email that you can send when welcoming a new client to your business.

  • Work Proposal Template

    This template can be used for projects or when providing a quote for services.

  • Client Information Form

    Use this form to collect the information you need from new clients such as log in details and passwords.

  • List Of Services Form

    You can use this to let client's know all the services you offer in your business. They may not know everything you offer!

  • Client Intake Checklist

    This is simple checklist to be sure you're following your Client Intake Process.

  • Kick Off Call Agenda

    This is a sample agenda that provides ideas of what to cover in your initial Kick Off call with a new client.

  • Start Here Guide

    I've included this to give you a step by step guide to updating and using all the templates.

VA Template Bundle

"They are easy to use and edit and I think will be a great addition to my business." 

~ Hayley Smith

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"The contract & business policies were the most helpful! So many things I had not thought of in my original drafts of those documents. Thanks for all your support to us budding VA's!"  ~ Kimberly Rabel

"The templates are awesome, especially the client contract! I've added a decent amount of sections but I am so happy I didn't have to do the bulk of it by myself! So worth the cost and none of the free ones I've found come even close to comparing."  ~ Danielle Sprunger

"Thank you - I love this product!"  ~ Lisa Evans

"I am very impressed by the templates. They really give me a great starting point and Im so grateful because this is one of the areas that I had no idea where to start."  ~ Paige Ortiz

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"The Templates are Amazing, very helpful."  ~ Annabelle Morgan

VA Template Bundle